Tuesday, April 16, 2013

On-the-Glow: Charlotte Ronson Review

It doesn't take much for e to convince myself that I need more make-up. I pay no never-mind to the drawer full of unused products I have. Thanks to American affluenza, I will always need more!

In support of my make-up collection, my lovely co-workers gifted me a Sephora gift card for my birthday and I wasted no time in using it. 

Although there were many glamorous options, I did what I always do and went to the sale area where Charlotte Ronson's line was 30% off. FYI, I also had a 15% off coupon because of Sephora's #chicweek so I saved all sorts of money. I'll hook you up with it below. 

I already had one of her eyeshadow palettes (this one, great neutrals, perfect pigmentation) and I was a fan, so I went right for the On-the-Glow set. Something about a pre-packaged-do-it-all kit makes me jump for joy. The ease it promises is attractive for a gal like me who's always running late. Always. 
I love the "3 x a Charm" Luminizer, Blush & Bronzer! I can see myself throwing it in my mobile makeup bag for the days I'm super behind (every day). The lip gloss, Elanor, isn't pigmented, but it gives a flushed and glossy look. 
There is no real bad, but I will say the copper shade (3rd from right)  in the palette is a bit more red than I'd like. Blended out enough, it can look less harsh. 
While you can buy all these items separately, the kit is the best deal at only $32 on sale. The eyeshadow is perfectly pigmented and the colors allow for a lot of looks. And, ohmygod, the face palette is to die for. The gloss is good and the eyeliner is standard, but because it's an illuminating gold it looks great in the inner corners of the eyes as a highlight.  

Sephora's Tutorial shows you how to use the On-the-Glow kit, but of course you can use it however you want. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mattenificent Bikini

Lookie here lookie-loos! I've mastered yet another manicure! In my experimentation with making my nails look like I put forth effort (without actually putting forth effort), I've found I have a place in my heart for matte! 

I've tried it in the past on other colors and wasn't all too impressed, but on top of this almost-blue-almost-purple pastel, it works. It puts a powedery soft focus on an already very soft color. And I know when you think of getting your nails done, you think "Gosh, I just HAVE to have powdery soft nails!" No? Just me. Okay...


PRODUCTS USED: Essie "Bikini So Teeny & Set in Stones" NYX Topcoat "Matte Me Crazy," L.A. Colors Color Craze "Live" 
METHOD: Again, this mani-style is pretty dang simple. It just requires the ability to sweep a single color of polish on your nails, which is pretty basic as far as manicures go. The only special thing is the top coat, to make it nice & matte. Oh, and of course the glittah!