Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mattenificent Bikini

Lookie here lookie-loos! I've mastered yet another manicure! In my experimentation with making my nails look like I put forth effort (without actually putting forth effort), I've found I have a place in my heart for matte! 

I've tried it in the past on other colors and wasn't all too impressed, but on top of this almost-blue-almost-purple pastel, it works. It puts a powedery soft focus on an already very soft color. And I know when you think of getting your nails done, you think "Gosh, I just HAVE to have powdery soft nails!" No? Just me. Okay...


PRODUCTS USED: Essie "Bikini So Teeny & Set in Stones" NYX Topcoat "Matte Me Crazy," L.A. Colors Color Craze "Live" 
METHOD: Again, this mani-style is pretty dang simple. It just requires the ability to sweep a single color of polish on your nails, which is pretty basic as far as manicures go. The only special thing is the top coat, to make it nice & matte. Oh, and of course the glittah! 

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