Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gilded Mint Goodness

Nail creativity is at an all time high. Unfortunately for me, my free time, skill set and patience to turn my fingers into mini works of art are not. 

The pang of sadness that comes with seeing a chipped manicure that took hours to complete is something I wouldn't wish on anyone. With the longevity of a good old-fashioned manicure at about a week, I only feel like investing 30 minutes (50 minutes if I'm feeling crafty) of my time to having fabulous fingers. 

Now that I've explained all that, here's this very pretty, very easy manicure. With the perfect combo of colors and a little glitter, you have a 30-minute-mani that'll get you a handful of admirers (for a week until it chips off. Hey, life ain't perfect). 


PRODUCTS USED: China Glaze "Re-Fresh Mint," Milani Jewel FX "Gold," Revlon "Gold Coin" 
METHOD: It's absolutely too easy to even describe. Look at the picture! It's as easy as sweeping the paint on your nails, except, you choose two accent nails to make it seem like you really tried: glitter on one (always necessary) and a metallic polish on the other. And ta-dah! You're a winner!  

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